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BE-306 (eyelids with eyelashes)

Product Details

BE-306 is eyelids with eyelashes made of special artificial skin “BIODY”. As it is very soft, you can pull it up and fix the tape.

Also, you can practice practically, because the length, density, and angle of the eyelashes are close to those of a standard human.
Three pair of left and right eyelids with eyelashes are included.


There are two colors, vanilla and chocolate.


[Compatible products] FH-100E VER.2、F-100E、F-300E

The eyelids are soft

Because the eyelids are soft, they can be pulled up with tape.
You can change the direction of your eyelashes.

Human hair

The eyelashes of this product use the human hair.
You can practice as if you were treating a human.
You can repeat the practice of gluing the lashes with glue and removing the lashes with the remover.

In general, fiber lashes are very hard and have a very different texture from humans, which makes it impossible to practice practically.

Chocolate color model

This is the chocolate color model of BE-306.
Other than the skin color, there is no difference from the vanilla color model.

Please be careful about similar products

Some products are very similar in shape to our products.
If you would like our products, please make sure that the "BIODY" logo is included when you purchase.

Even though the shapes are similar, there is a big difference in quality.
There are possibilities of the eyelids is hard, the tape don't stick, and the makeup don't remove.



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