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BPW-05L (For skin sutures)

Product Details

This is a model for practicing skin suturing.

Resin artificial skin “BIODY” is used for the epidermis and dermis. The surface feels like a human, and it is hard to cut even when ligated.

The subcutaneous tissue is made of a sponge with low resistance.

The product is not scratched, so the user should use a scalpel himself to make a cut in the skin before practicing suturing.

BP-STAND is available as an option. When you put BPW-05L on BP-STAND, the wound opens.


Size=Length 120mm




Suture training is possible with a feeling close to that of humans

Since the skin is made of artificial resin skin "BIODY", the texture when touched is similar to that of humans.
The epidermis has the fine wrinkles of human skin.

No stickiness

Over time, oil and other substances bleed from the inside of general resins, and the surface becomes sticky.

Over time, oil and other substances bleed from the inside of general resins, and the surface becomes sticky.
The resin artificial skin "BIODY" has been specially processed to keep the surface dry over time.

Resin artificial skin "BIODY" is used for the epidermis and dermis

BPW-05L has a two-layer structure of epidermis and dermis.

BP-STAND (sold separately)

If you place it on a flat desk, the wound will close.
If you want to practice suturing with the wound open, please purchase BP-STAND (sold separately).



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