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Cheek skin model

Product Details

Skin model by molding for cosmetics evaluation purposes, namely, artificial skin of polymers used in the field of cosmetics development procedures and quality evaluation after commercial production. This is not intended for medical field.


*1) Evaluation of spreadability and color development of make-up cosmetics
*2) Evaluation of long lasting quality and color dullness of foundations
*3) Evaluation of facial cleansing cream( Use white plate)
*4) Evaluation of soft-focus effect of composite powders

woman in her 40s

Size Disk diameter ×Disk thickness(mm) 50mm×5mm
Notes Model of woman in her 40s

woman in her 30s

Size Disk diameter ×Disk thickness(mm) 50mm×5mm
Notes Model of woman in her 30s

woman in her 20s

Size Disk diameter ×Disk thickness(mm) 50mm×5mm
Notes Model of woman in her 20s

woman in her 50s

Size Disk diameter ×Disk thickness(mm) 50mm×5mm
Notes Model of woman in her 50s

Dark spots plate DS-50/20

This is a plate that sprayed dark spots (dia.2cm) to BIOSKIN Plate model. You can use it for evaluation of covering against dark spots of make-up cosmetics. It is also ideal for store counterselling as a sales promotion tool.


This is a small version of BIOSKIN Plate.
By reducting the size, you can use it for a variety of purposes including promotionan materials, store counterselling tool and skin color samples (color chart).


The product is affixed with a trademark sticker.

* Since August 2021
We have been shipping products to the United States with the trademark "BIODY" sticker on them.



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