for Medical care, Nursing


BPW-05L (For skin sutures)

This is a model for practicing skin suturing. Resin artificial skin "BIODY" is used for the epidermis and dermis. The surface feels like a human, and it is hard to cut even when ligated. The subcutaneous tissue is made of a sponge wit……


BP-STAND has an arched shape. When you put BPW-05L on BP-STAND, the wound opens.

BRP-L (Multipurpose skin)

This product is a sheet of resin artificial skin "BIODY". The user can cut it freely and use it. Artificial skin "BIODY" is used for various purposes such as skin suturing and practice of injection. We accept customization of size ……

for Make-up &
Eyelash extensions /
Eyelash perm

BIODY is Regina's unique artificial skin.
It is also widely used as make-up and eyelash extensions teaching material.